Welcome to FutureVerse!

FutureVerse, America’s only museum of the future, is on the horizon for Atlanta.

Designed to educate, ignite curiosity, and inspire hope and imagination, FutureVerse will give students and families a fun museum experience like no other. Visitors will be transported into immersive exhibits connected to the next generation of VR, AI, and Augmented Reality.

FutureVerse is supported by Emory Healthcare, UGA, GSU, Georgia Tech, and Morehouse Medical School. Together, we are advancing learning for Georgia’s students and helping to create the nation’s most robust technology hub, which will accelerate innovation, and foster new jobs.  

We welcome corporate, foundation and individual gifts to bring this architectural and technological marvel to fruition.

Inspire Tomorrow, Donate Today


Travel into the future 10 — 20 — 50 years from today!

Full STEAM Ahead

We are transforming learning, and our top priority is to educate our students with the most advanced STEAM Learning experiences in the country.

FutureVerse will:

  • Create a robust School Program with interactive learnings that will greatly enhance traditional classroom lectures.
  • Implement a comprehensive School Field Trip Program, After School Programs, Summer Entrepreneurial Camps.
  • Inspire curiosity and careers in science, medicine, engineering, and the arts.

1.3 million

Expected Annual Visitors

Over 2 Dozen / 20+

Immersive Experiences Showcasing Incredible Technologies and Exhibits from Georgia’s Universities, Film Studios, and Fortune 500 Companies


Anticipated Opening

About Us

We are a group of educators, innovators, and corporate leaders who are committed to bringing FutureVerse, a new national museum, to Atlanta. To bring our vision to fruition, we have assembled the best team possible.

Our mission is:

  • To become a global destination to educate visitors and our young people on important health and environmental issues of today and to explore the most promising solutions for tomorrow.
  • To make Atlanta a top technology hub and provide world-class STEAM learning for our students with long-term economic benefits.
  • To be part of downtown Atlanta’s revitalization and uplift our neighbors in Atlanta’s Westside. 


Emory Healthcare

Kilpatrick, Townsend & Stockton

Design: Cooper Carry, Renown Architectural Firm

Exhibits: Jack Rouse & Associates
Global Leader in Experience & Attraction Design

Feasibility Study: ITPS June 2023
Worldwide Leisure Experts consulting on over 500 projects in over 55 countries

Team on the Mission


David Wynett
President, and Chief Creative Officer

Betty Willis
Senior Advisor for Community & Local Government Affairs, Emory

Tom L. Weatherly

Board of Advisors

Bert Reeves
Vice President, Institute Relations,
Georgia Tech

Richard D. Phillips,
Dean, The Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University

Dr. Scott Boden
Chief Strategy Officer, Emory Healthcare and Woodruff Health Sciences Center

Rawson Haverty, Jr.

Nick Place
Dean, UGA’s College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences

Maria Thacker Goethe
CEO, Georgia Bio

Kyle Reis
President & CEO, Cooper Carry Architectural Firm

Joel Bush
Partner, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton

Dr. Deb Houry
Chief Medical Officer,
CDC * personal support

Exhibits You Can Step Into

Interested in sponsoring an exhibit? Contact us.

Future Lab

FutureVerse will be a technology accelerator allowing guests to quickly crowdsource solutions to complex global challenges in sustainability and healthcare. It will shape and share its disruptive ideas with its corporate and university partners.

Future Earth

Welcome to the Future Earth Expo, a captivating exhibit where guests will develop a deeper understanding and awareness of climate change, extreme weather, and endangered species.

Future Health

Powered by Emory Healthcare, the permanent Future Health Exhibit will showcase the latest advancements in healthcare and medicine and will be one of the most modern medical museums in the United States.

Explore the future of bionics, robotics, AI in revolutionizing healthcare, and cutting-edge medical research. Learn how to live to 100 and discover the potential of the human body.

Future Tech

Embark on an exhilarating journey into the revolutionary technologies reshaping the world.

See the Home of the Future. From entrepreneur’s prototypes to cutting-edge inventions from Fortune 500 Companies, this gallery highlights disruptive innovations of today and tomorrow.

Future Port

Atlanta boasts one of the world’s most vibrant transportation hubs. Partnering with Georgia’s largest transportation companies, Future Port illuminates the latest discoveries and future advances in aerospace, automotive, and locomotive engineering.

This exhibition features sustainable innovations redefining the way we move on earth today and how we will explore Mars in the future.

Future Art

Celebrate the fusion of technology and creativity in this groundbreaking exhibition on the future of arts and beauty.

Take a journey to see limitless possibilities of tomorrow’s film, animation, digital masterpieces.

Future Play

This exciting interactive exhibition combines entertainment and education to showcase the future of gaming, amusement, and fun.


Contact Us

David Wynett
President & Chief Creative Officer