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The U.S.’s 1st-Ever ‘Museum Of The Future’ Might Be Coming To Atlanta In 2027

Step right into the future, at this museum that has plans to ignite imaginations in Atlanta.


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Have you ever wandered what the future is going to be like? In a decade, what about two decades? What about five? Well, you might just be getting some answers soon! A group of educators, innovators and corporate leaders wants to open up FutureVerse, a museum of the future, right here in Atlanta!

What is FutureVerse?

FutureVerse is a concept for a museum of the future. With exhibits that come straight from science fiction (in a good way!), FutureVerse aims to transform learning for students. With a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) basis, FutureVerse wants to create a space for students and community members to come to engage with their curiosity head on.

According to their website, FutureVerse’s mission is:

  • To become a global destination to educate visitors and our young people on important health and environmental issues of today and to explore the most promising solutions for tomorrow.
  • To make Atlanta a top technology hub and provide world-class STEAM learning for our students with long-term economic benefits.
  • To be part of downtown Atlanta’s revitalization and uplift our neighbors in Atlanta’s Westside.

With no other future museum in the entire country, FutureVerse would be the first of its kind: offering a unique experience for community members and tourists to Atlanta alike.

What exhibits does FutureVerse offer?

FutureVerse aims to create a space of learning and imagination, all while looking toward the future. They currently plan to have several exhibits: A Future Lab, Future Earth, Future Health, Future Tech, Future Port, Future Art, and Future Play.

image of a futuristic museum with a glowing tree in the middle

Future Lab

According to FutureVerse’s website, this “will be a technology accelerator allowing guests to quickly crowdsource solutions to complex global challenges in sustainability and healthcare.” Explore solutions to problems, together. Learn how to work together and come to a resolution as a group, for a better future for all.

Future Earth

In this exhibit of FutureVerse, guests can explore the dangers and realities of climate change, extreme weather, and endangered species. Basically, they can understand the future of earth, based on the present.

Future Health

Powered by Emory Healthcare, Future Health will allow guests to explore the incredible advancements in healthcare in real time. What’s happening right now, and what is possible in the future with bionics, robotics, AI and more.

Future Tech

Technology is ever-evolving, and in the Future Tech exhibit, guests will learn all about the revolutionary technologies changing our world. You can even explore “The Home of the Future” here!

Future Port

According to their website, Future Port explores the futures of transportation in Atlanta and the world. “Partnering with Georgia’s largest transportation companies, Future Port illuminates the latest discoveries and future advances in aerospace, automotive, and locomotive engineering.” How do we make transportation sustainable? How do we move on earth? Will we explore Mars? All great things to discuss at Future Port.

Future Art

How does technology impact and change art? In Future Art, you’ll be able to explore all the possibilities coming to the worlds of film, animation, digital masterpieces, and so much more. See the beauty of technology here!

Future Play

Who says learning can’t be fun? The future of entertainment and amusement is also an important topic of interest at FutureVerse, and Future Play explores just that!

Why should we want FutureVerse?

Midtown Atlanta skyline from the park in USA

This one-of-a-kind museum experience could bring so much learning and light to Atlanta. From jobs and community building to looking into the future to encourage young minds to solve issues that have always stumped us, FutureVerse could bring a ton of good to Atlanta.

FutureVerse is also supported by Emory Healthcare, UGA, GSU, Georgia Tech, and Morehouse Medical School, and it will help revitalize Downtown Atlanta!

So come with us into the future, Atlanta! FutureVerse hopes to open in 2027, right here in Downtown ATL!